Instrumental Music・Anahata Chakra Meditation Love & Blessing 639Hz

Anahata Chakra Meditation Love & Blessing 639Hz Instrumental Music

Mantra:kunjubihari & Mandala Mari

Mandala Art:Mandala Mari

Sound Produce:kunjubihari

Copyright © 2018 Mandala Mari & kunjubihari All Rights Reserved.

Truth is obtained only through love,

You can earn social status, fame, much less wealth

It can not be the purpose of life.

Love is the real talent blossoming.

And love will show you clear goals.

In this album "Anahata chakra meditation of love and blessing"

Mainly, it contains words of induction to turn consciousness to Anahata chakra.

I am using positive and simple words. And the secret of Anahata chakra is recorded.

Also, to make your consciousness to chakra easier,

 I am mainly using Solfegio frequency 639 Hz of Anahata Chakra.

Anahata Chakra is the entrance to a high dimensional consciousness.

When this chakra awakens,

You will be able to work in the astral world (high dimensional world).

When Anahata Chakra is activated,

It will be free from destined fate and karma

It is said to be able to do.

Under the root of Anahata, there is a tree that realizes the desire.

When that tree begins to bear fruit, whatever you think

It is said that everything you asked will come true.

When you learned the true love by meditation,

These things happen.

Yogi saw a golden tree standing.

In the middle of a big lake in this place.

Anahata chakra is about love, kindness, affection.

When this chakra is open, it harmonizes with everything,

You will build a compassionate, friendly, friendly, good relationship.

Meditation to this chakra, you can know the true love.

"Love" is not sought for a return

It refers to the feeling that it is purely like.

We are aware of "myself" in manipula chakra of stomach.

In the heart chakra meditation

When I removed consciousness of "I"

I can know that "I" and all were united.

When your Anahata chakra is not active,

You are cold and chilly.

With Anahata Chakra

Two energies of yin and yang are fused.

In other words,

By Anahata Chakra meditation,

I can know the self consciousness as God,

You can also meet your god.

At the center of Anahata Chakra,

Born from Brahman,

Divine Spirit, Spark of God, Minute Spirit, Persian, Artman, Buddha nature

There are things called as such.

It is eternal and can not die.

As this chakra awakens, I experience a lot of circulation

It reaches a fundamental consciousness.